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A happy birthday banner

Banners are awesome…

They are pretty, very easy to make and you can make a banner for almost any occasion. I try to make mine about 5, 5 inches tall so there would be more of them fitting on the page. Obviously you can make almost any size up to almost 12 inches. But this way it does saves a lot of cardstock. I love 3D effect so my banners a usually made from 3 and more layers and I love using foam tape for even nicer look. I also use punch tool to create a little hole in corners to run the ribbon through. You can just use one long ribbon or tons of small ones to hold the whole banner together, but if you use one single piece, you can adjust the size of the banner for bigger spaces and spread letters a little more if needed. 

A happy birthday banner
The H of a happy birthday banner
A merry Christmas banner
A spooky Halloween banner
A happy birthday banner
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