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And another blog came to life today…For a while I am trying to fight the idea of starting my own blog, but today I’ve finally made it. I keep peeking at other designers, photographers, artists and scrapbookers blogs and everytime I see something nice I tell myself that one day I’ll get there too. It has been almost three years that my wonderful husband bought the domain I chosed, how ever, he seems to give me too much credit and thinks I can actually make a website there on my own. Well I tried and failed. So now I found an alternative and yaaaay Im here. And yes, of course now is the worst time I could have start something like this, as almost a year ago we had a little baby boy that keeps me so busy that I sometimes almost forget my own name. So anyway, here is something little about me.

I grew up eastern Europe, I have been attending art classes since I was 6 years old. Growing up with my grandmother living in a small village and my mom having a lot of interest in knitting and sewing I have been introduced to DIY crafts very young. Although…honestly, I have no idea how to knit but I did felt in love with drawing and paintig. As a teenager I went to school oriented in business and marketing where I was introduced to computers. I loved drawing posters and I got a job at marketing agency in prague. Ive learned a little bit about vectors and design.

Later on Ive left Czech and moved to Great Brittain where I have met my wonderful husband and because of him I started being interested into computer graphic. During that time I was also introduced to card making and parchment craft and some of my cards have been published in Pergamano magazine.

Few years later we moved to US and since then Im mainly concentrating on painting and scrapbooking. Ive started creating my own SVG files when I couldnt find what I was looking for for  a decent price and I have been doing that since. I love scrapbooking although now a days I do not really have much time for it. But creating is my passion and it is who I am.

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