Small Canvas Art

The other day we went to michaels and bought awesome deep canvas packs. One of them was 4"x4" and there is 9 of them in one pack. They were all on 60% deal so they came to something over 7$ for all of them.

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Elmo Birthday Banner

Last year I made a birthday banner for our son's party and I really liked how it came out.

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Extra Large Art For Your Home

It had been quite a while since we moved and pretty much since the day we moved in I wanted our living room to had some dark blue accents but at the time it was almost impossible to do because of our baby boy just starting to walk and holding onto anything he could have.

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Another awesome t-shirt

Driving in the car with my hubby, we started talking about what else we could put on the t-shirt. While back he got me a screen printing machine but I ve never used it. I think I just find the whole process more difficult then it could be so I 've never even tried it.

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Elmo's World

Today I finally finished some of the pictures for my son's wall. Few months ago when I got the explore machine for Christmas I started cutting out shapes of sesame street characters thinking that I will use them sometimes for sure and this way I will also learn how to use the machine properly.

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