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Elmo’s World

Today I finally finished some of the pictures for my son’s wall. Few months ago when I got the explore machine for Christmas I started

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Freebie File

Click here for free download: https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B0CpSc6Tw2vRSVFkcWYwY2xZMG8 Hope you guys enjoy free birdies. Happy Valentine’s day!!!

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Living Room Wall Art

Combine cricut cut and a watercolor background and you get awesome pictures to fill your wall for almost free! I found those cuts in between cricut images and I just loved the bike. And the blue background..well I am still decorating our house since our move (yeah I know it happen while ago too) and I decided to go with dark blue and a little amount of purple accents. I have the picture with my head but unfortunately it isn’t as easy to “just re-decorate” with a toddler climbing on tables and grabbing everything he can reach.

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Oh happy day….:-)

Well well well….look what I got for Christmas… I am not quite sure how much time I will be able to find between running between

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Play Cards

I’ve been looking for some nice play cards for my son, but I just didn’t like any of those they sell. I guess every time

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A Blog…

And another blog came to life today…For a while I am trying to fight the idea of starting my own blog, but today I’ve finally

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