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Create Your Own Word Art Piece

A word cloud in the shape of a Great Pyrenees dog.

I have always loved these pretty text art images… You know, these with random shapes of animals, flowers, maps or even faces made out of words that are somehow related. I even made some of my own but it was quite time consuming. I’ve read up on few blogs that there is an extension that is meant to do all the hard work for you, but unfortunately I just couldn’t make it work. I ended up making it all just by moving and resizing text around so it took a long time to finish even just one picture.

Well today I came across this site that does it all almost with no hassle! All you have to do is enter the right words, pick colors for the words and then decide on a shape you want them to be in and there it is, you now have your own custom text art! There is a lot of shapes you can choose from, but if you want something different you can also upload your own picture.

Only standard png image size is free, how ever I am pretty sure that even just that size will be plenty to make some nice pieces for your home.

To make your own text art, go to https://tagul.com/

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