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Framed pictures hanging on a wall

Today I finally finished some of the pictures for my son’s wall. Few months ago when I got the explore machine for Christmas I started cutting out shapes of sesame street characters thinking that I will use them sometimes for sure and this way I will also learn how to use the machine properly. It toke me a while I have to say. It also toke a lot of unhappy faces and a tons of patience since I just couldn’t figure out why is the blade not going through the paper all the way. Well I’ve learned one thing for sure, I will never use the cricut mats as a mat for glue gun again… Even if I scraped the glue off  (and I thought I did a good job) machine still thought there is something wrong with mat and just was not going through as it was meant to and I just didnt thought that that was the reason for bad cuts. Well we all learn somehow:-)

Anyways, I love my machine now and yesterday I realized we got few picture frames in the garage and this is what came out. My son seem to love them and few times since hanging them up he pointed at them with a wow expression on his face. Exactly what I was hopping for:-)

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