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Extra-large Art For Your Home

Large pieces of art hang on a wall

Do you have a large space on your walls? You can always make your own art to fill the space!

Extra-large Art for your home can be quite expensive to come by and not everyone has that much money just to cover an empty wall. Here is what we did…

It had been quite a while since we moved and pretty much since the day we moved in I wanted our living room to have some dark blue accents but at the time it was almost impossible to do because of our baby boy just starting to walk and holding onto anything he could have. For those reasons, curtains and large art pieces were out of the list for a long time. This year our son turned 2 and before his party, I decided I really have to do the living room by then.

Our wall in the living room is 20 feet long with 9′ ceilings so it was going to cost a fortune to cover it with frames and for those reasons, we decided we are going to make our own stuff…Well, I did. My hubby somehow ended up making a canvases for all 3 of them. After our “wood” research we decided that we are going to make each 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Got the woodcut in home depot and also went for 2.5-inch wood that was used to frame it on sites. The pricing all together for each picture came to about $80 but there was ton of leftover paints and wood so I ended up making a smaller picture with flowers too. 

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