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Flower Cloud Wall Hanging

Paper wall art

I’ve seen a few of really cute flower back drops made with cricut. I always wanted to make one of these, just wasn’t quite sure what would I do with it after it’s made….Well my friend is now expecting a baby girl and I thought really hard about what to make for her. I wanted something special. Originally I thought the babies name should also be included but that is very risky since before the baby is born, name isn’t necessary definite yet. Then I was told what colors the nursery will be and thats where I started.

For the project you will need:

  • 2 Elmer’s foam boards
  • A craft knife strong enough to cut the foam boards
  • masking tape or washi tape
  • 1 inch thick wooden rod 36 inch long (walmart or michaels have it)
  • all sizes brads
  • ribbon or fishing line
  • glue gun & glue sticks
  • 1 inch, 1.5 inch and 2.5 inch circle punch
  • paper in selected colors for the dots and a lots of white sheets for flowers(I used michaels -recollection’s paper)
  • sewing machine
  • cricut and some flower shapes and or 3d floral home decor cartridge
  • Scotch quick dry adhesive
  • cuttlebug (optional – for texture)

I punch out 3 different sizes of a circles in different shades of blue, white, pink and grey colors (I used punches simply because it is faster then pulling out cricut and because I could also make my 4 year old son busy…He pretty much cut them out all),then I cut out with cricut some clouds and then embossed them on my cuttlebug machine. Mixed all that together and then sewed it all on few strings.

I have tied the fishing line (or ribbon – which ever you’d like more) around the edges of the wooden pole and glued them in the place with glue gun. Your fishing line or ribbon should be at least 1.75 – 2x longer then the wooden rod you are using. Its up to you how long you want the string to be but keep in mind that longer it is higher you will have to hang it on the wall.

When the glue dried on the rod I hang it up and started gluing the strings with dots. I started with middle, then both sides, and then middle of the already glued strings…etc. This way the rod stays in place and wont tilt under the wight of strings.

I bought a foam board and cut it into two cloud shapes. At this point you can also paint it if you choose too. I didn’t see any point in that since my flowers were going to be white anyways. The cloud shape wasn’t quite as tidy as I wanted it to be so I used washi tape with some cute pink and blues to cover the edges. (If you choose to paint, I would suggest using the tape after painting the board. The tape could loose stickiness.)

Next step was cutting the flowers out with cricut and putting them together. I used only white paper for all the flowers. You can use pattern paper, it probably would look better too, but I only had plain one. I used some really cute brads to attach the flowers together instead of glue. That made it all much easier and less time consuming. Also majority of my flowers are just mixed matched shapes which I already owned in DS. All flowers are about 1 inch – 4 inches big and they are made by mixed match sizes and shapes. I’d start with biggest size then copy the shape and make it about a 1/4 of inch smaller and so on. You can play with it in DS as much as you want and get the exact shapes you like or you can use my DS link here.

Some of the smaller flowers I used, were from 3d floral home decor cartridge which is just gorgeous. Flowers how ever need a little bit more of fidgeting as you need to use glue and hold them in place for a little bit and it can get messy).

I’ve also picked few leaves from the very same cartridge to put in between the flowers on the edges. When I had all the flowers I needed (and a few more), I overlap the foam board cloud shapes a little in the middle just so they were few inches bigger then the rod on both sides and then used glue gun to attach them together so instead of having 2 shapes I now had one. I arranged all the flowers and leaves onto the cloud and when I was happy with positioning, using glue gun I glued them all down onto the cloud and then glued the whole cloud onto the wooden rod. When doing that part make sure it is glued well as the cloud is quite heavy with all these flowers now

If you look at my picture, I made the strings quite long, but it was for a reason. I wasn’t sure how long my friend would like them so I went with longer as she can cut them on her own into the size she would want them in.

Let me know if you have any questions, and if you do decide to take a little bit of inspiration out of this post, I would love to see your finished project 🙂

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