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Free Fonts With or Without Commercial License, Where To Find Them And How To Install

Various font names in different fonts

I love fonts, there is so many to choose from and some of them are just so pretty. I’ve been going through them so many times trying to “downsize” the amount I have had installed on my computer (it can slow the speed of your computer if there is too many installed in computer) but some of them were just so nice that I kept thinking I just have to have them….I thought about it a lot and I realized, that I will probably never really use the fonts that are not commercial. There is a copyright on them and so if I would ever use those for logos or any kind of graphic I would not be doing the right thing. I always tried to use commercial fonts for everything anyways leaving the pretty fonts untouched so I decided Its time to get rid off them. I kept only the ones that comes with commercial license (the only way to determine if the licence is the one you need is to read the read me file that usually comes with the fonts when downloaded.) I went down from 1000 fonts to 200. Seems my computer is a little faster now too:-D Everyone does it differently, some may be happy to have them all in one place, I find it difficult to find what exact license goes with which font after they are installed so I solved my problem by doing this too.

There is plenty of sites that offer commercial fonts. One of them is fontsquirrel which is offering only commercial fonts. Obviously again, you do have to read the license that comes with the font after you download it, just in case…Another large site is 1001fonts. They also offer fonts for personal use only so you have to make sure that you tick the little tag button next to “your text” window. There is also fontspace that works similar way and you have to adjust their filter to get the commercial fonts to pop up. There are many more sites and blogs that offer free fonts too.

If you have a windows 7 or 8 on your PC the easiest way to install a font is to double click on a font file to open the font preview and select “install”. Another way is to find file called ‘fonts’ in your control panel, open it and drag and drop in the actual font file you want to install.

If you have Mac, easiest option is to click on your font to open preview in Font book and then click install button.
Another option is first close any open applications, drag and drop the unzipped fonts into the Fonts folder in your user’s library folder found here: /users/Your_Username_Here/Library/Fonts. (as of OS Lion, the library folder is hidden from users unless you hold down the Alt/Option key while clicking on the ‘Go’ menu in Finder.

Note for cricut users, you have to restart DS and your installed fonts should be visible from fonts drop down menu now.

Hope this helped a little

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