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Setting Up Your New Cricut Machine

Cricut Cutting Machine

So you bought a new Cricut machine and now you are not sure where to start…Well, we all have been there, so don’t worry it is not as complicated as it first looks.

For your new Cricut, you will also need to have an online account so you can use Cricut’s Design Studio which is the operating software for Cricut machines.  The software supports only newer machines which are Explore, Explore One, Explore Air 1 and 2 and new Cricut maker machine.

Did you know you don’t really need a machine to have an account in DS? Yes, you are going to need the machine to cut things out, but you don’t necessarily have to have it to play around with the images and software. So if you have just bought a new machine, it may be a great idea to dive into the DS so that when your Cricut arrive at your front door you will know a little better about what to do next. Just as any other skill, Cricut crafting also have a learning path and learning to use DS before you have the machine might make it a little easier.

To create an account, go to www.cricut.com/setup and click on the green get started button. Next, a screen with a plug-in download appears. Click Download. When downloaded, open or run it by double-clicking on it. (if you can’t find it, it should be in your download folder on your computer). Cricut installer will appear, click next, read and accept the agreement and then click Install button. When the installation is complete, click done in installer window and then continue button in the browser. You will be redirected to a Cricut log in screen. If you already have Cricut ID account, then just log in. If this is your first time, you will need to sign up first.

You only need one ID account for your Cricut. Even if you have multiple machines, they all can be run through one account. If you purchase digital image through Cricut site, the image will be uploaded to the account you purchased it under and can’t be used it in other accounts.

To create Cricut ID account click create Cricut ID button, fill in required details and accept the terms of use. Make sure your details are correct because if you ever buy physical goods from the Cricut site, they will need a correct delivery address.

Some of the newly purchased machines come with a free trial. The trial will start when you first connect the machine to the computer.

To easily open the design space you can just go to www.cricut.com and click the design in the top of the site or simply click the Cricut app icon which should have been installed on your computer after the Cricut app installation process.

You are going to adore your Cricut machine once you get to know it more. DS is a pretty much simplified graphic program so if you get stuck, don’t get frustrated. To learn all in DS will take some time, but once you master it, it sure will be worth it.

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