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Oh happy day….:-)

Cricut Cutting Machine

Well well well….look what I got for Christmas…

I am not quite sure how much time I will be able to find between running between cleaning the house ( somehow its in mess all the time no matter what we do about it….) and my son. My son seems to think I have to also be in the play pen and so when I’m doing anything else then sitting right next to him he shakes sides of he play pen and screams at me. Or throw all of his toys outside of the playpen. Or both….Just fun…..That is pretty much the reason why I haven’t really had much of a craft time since he was born. Now I got this from my hubby so now I ll have to find the time:-D The reason why I wanted this machine is, you can use your own SVG files and pictures. I make my own SVG files. I don’t need to buy Cricut cartridges anymore.


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