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Rose & Dahlia 3D Paper Flowers

Cricut flowers

Paper flowers are one of my favorite things to make. They can look as real as you would like them to look and they will last you much longer. I love the wedding flower backdrops people make out of those, but may be that will be a project for next time. Lets first learn how to make these pretty flowers.

I made this files for anyone who like the flowers as much as I do. And I think the finished flowers do look pretty well. You can find the file here on ourdesignspace.com or at our other store at designbundles.net and hopefully, the following images will be good enough tutorial for those, who have never made paper flowers before.

Here is what you will need for the blossoms:

  • colored papers (I used Recollection brand from Michaels, but you can use any brand)
  • glue or glue gun (My favorite to use is Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive)
  • Rangers Inks in whichever tone you would like the flower to be
  • scissors, pencil or thin brush for curling the petals

The tutorial below should be a good guide to an assembly of the flowers. The assembly steps for Dahlia is very similar and the only difference is in curling of the petals which is done towards of each petal.

I hope you enjoy the file as much as I did!

Cricut collage
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