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Shannon’s Houses

Collage of Doll Houses

Today I would love to write about someone that I just accidentally met. One of the first things in the morning I do is to just sit down, have a cup of coffee and look at what is going on on Facebook while my son eats breakfast. Well this morning I’ve came across a few images of hand made doll houses using recycled material such as wood, cardboard, some glue and patterned paper. I thought I would share these with all of you as well.

Shannon is a single parent with a full time job who spends her evenings making these awesome houses. I love her dedication since one of the houses takes minimum one month, sometimes two to complete.

Shannon with one of her creations

There is a lot of love that goes into all of her work and it certainly isn’t money that she cares for. She loves making people smile and it gives her great joy to bring them some happiness. She even made a few of these for kids from a  families who lost their belongings to the fire!

Shannon says, “Life is not always about how much money you make but how you treat others, and live your life with true values.” I have a huge respect for her and I wish there was more people with such a great approach of life.

If you wish to see more Shannon’s beautiful houses or may be even want to buy one, you can do so here: Shannon’s Cardboard Barbie Houses group

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