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Yard Sale Treasures

The other day we went to a yard sale that was in my in law neighborhood where we found large decorative frame for one dollar. I wasn’t sure what to make out of it yet but I knew that it would just be too good to pass despite the ugly color of the frame and funny flowery print. (Unfortunately Ive not made a photo of what it looked like, but it wasn’t very pretty and I wouldn’t get anyone to hang it in their house thats for sure). 

So we were debating if we should make it a chalkboard (about a year back my husband really wanted one and I told him that he isn’t gonna get one because it would be all the time in mess….) or something else. I decided to go with chalkboard after all and started working on it. I painted the frame with Waverly Inspirations agave chalk paint made by Plaid, that I found in Walmart and it came out really well. I also bought vinyl that I thought was pretty and if the chalkboard wouldn’t work I could use instead.

Well at that point I realized that I don’t actually have any black chalkboard paint at home, which I thought I did so I decided to go with the vinyl instead. I added some picture wires at the back and attached photos with pegs and this is what we ended up with….

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